About Me

Matt Hunt, Mount Kilimanjaro

Hi ! I’m Matt Hunt, and this is just a tiny bit about me. First things first:

Though I am a writer, I not the best at describing myself. However, I’ve got a few other skills that I’ve sharpened up a bit: I’m a front-end web developer, marketer, and travel enthusiast currently living in Bangkok, Thailand.

My career of being a jack-of-all-trades started when I was 15, working in an exotic pet store in the American south. Since then, I have had every job…ever. My roles have spanned from being a bartender/waiter in New York City and being a park ranger in Nebraska to working in corporate tech offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m a trained journalist (UF College of Journalism), and currently, I am building a creative marketing and ad agency called Memo.

In addition to trotting all over the globe on a shoestring budget since the time I could first get out of the house on my own, I’ve had a plethora of experience both in and outside of the various work environments I have had, and with those experiences I am building Memo.

Of the places I’ve been to date, Thailand is the place I love the most, and that’s why I call it home. That is also why I’m currently working hard to build a multimedia platform in Thailand. At Thisrupt, our mission is to establish a platform for creating provocative stories to inspire people to stand up and speak out for rights, liberty, and equality.

Before Memo and Thisrupt, I freelanced as a content writer, analytics consultant, front-end web developer, and advertising manager under the brand WritingByMatt. I spent ten years building my brand and client-base, and now that work, those clients, and that experience have taken me a step further in my professional growth- establishing the agency and directing the multimedia platform.

For now, I plan to use this space to write about the things I love the most, namely: travel, food, and tech/marketing.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can send me an email via my contact page, here.